Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jesus and hamburger buns

We had our first BBQ of the year yesterday to break in the new house.

The night before Carolyn, Jess, Ash and I were laughing HYSTERICALLY because we hadn't bought anything or knew if the grill worked and the invitation said it went from 12:00-8:00. Donna was not really amused and was getting really upset at our poor planning, so I prayed that God would bless the BBQ and provide hamburger buns since that was Donna's biggest concern. Seriously she was almost in tears over the buns.

So the next morning Donna was on her way home from some meeting and discovers a pile of buns on our front porch, comes in and says to Carolyn,"there is a God and he provided buns" and Carolyn starts dying and says,"there is a God and there's also a Molly who dropped off the buns this morning."

If anyone's having a BBQ we have about 80 left over blessed hamburger and hot dog buns.

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