Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Aviator hats

I went for my weekly bowling excusion with all the cool kids, and I was bowling alright when from across the room I spot the coolest canvas aviator hat in the whole world. It was kind of like this leather one I wore all the time when I was little and wanted to be a jet pilot, or shirley temple.

I decided that wearing the hat would most definitely improve my game, so I went and tapped the guy on the shoulder who was wearing the hat (and a sweet Harry Potter shirt) and politely explained my situation. He was wierded out at first, but soon allowed me to rock the sweet hat if I promised to be careful and return it safely. I went and bowled and got a strike on the next frame. The hat worked the crowd cheered and I brought the hat back to it's owner thinking I would never see this guy ever again. Then today while walking back from the studio I hear this guy yelling "HEEEEEYYY you wore my hat!" and he was sporting the same stellar hat I was like "bowling boy!" and now I have a new friend named Rodney who is a painting grad student and shares my love of sweet headwear.

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