Saturday, January 13, 2007

My new years resolution

After three weeks of my new years resolution to get organized I successfully lost my day planner.
I am a mess.

My first week of interning at PrintFresh is over, and it's been pretty cool so far. It is kind of hard being the new girl and everyone is artsy to the max. It's funny because the aesthetic of the prints they design are super sophisticated and beautiful with mostly flowers and fun geometric patterns. I however have the awesome task of designing kids prints, so I draw monkeys and lions on the computer all day. It's phenomonal. I think Amy, the art director, has sooo much to teach me. She knows so much about craft and had taken knitting classes and knows about things like french lace. Things I'm clueless about. I really need to just take advantage and pick her brain.

Here is what I did this week:

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michaelivan said...

nice work, girl! if i had a kid--i'd buy some of that stuff! ha. keep pickin brains!!