Monday, April 09, 2007

Haley Suspended Smith

I went to Video Americain today to rent a movie for documentary movie night since blockbuster didn't have the movie I wanted. Video Americain is our local film buff movie rental palace which I frequented my freshman year, but stopped going to for some unknown reason. That reason became overwhelmingly clear when I approached the counter and gave my name only to find out that my account had been suspended with $85 in late charges for Baraka, Waking Life, and Dr. Strangelove. My jaw dropped and my stomach felt absolutely nauseous. They had already taken my new contact info so there was no way out. He deferred my dr. strangelove payment until the next time I came back. It was a sad sad day, so everyone must come to documentary movie night tomorrow to make this purchase worthwhile. See you there!

Here's the scan of my receipt.


Joel said...

that is a very very very sad story hales. way to take one for the team.

My name's Haley said...

It was very sad; however I love that it says "be kind rewind" at the bottom of the receipt.

I'll be taking donations if anyone wishes to contribute.