Monday, November 12, 2007

Where I work

Philadelphia magazine had an article this week with the best places to work in Philly. They had a nice spread on Urban. The image shows our coffee bar and newstand. It's pretty much amazing.

Click the photo below to see the larger image.


Greg said...

WOW...when can I came an visit you at work? That place looks amazing....oh, and thanks for showing me around the new's perfect.

Katy said...

What an amazing place to work. An environment like that can only promote terrific ideas! God is so good to allow you to be part of such a neat place. Be His light!

Rachel said...

wow haley, it looks niiiice!

maybe some day ill be there with you??? hahaha, ill keep dreaming for now.

My name's Haley said...

Everyone has an open lunch invitation from me. I'd love to give a tour.

And I feel totally blessed to be able to work in such an amazing place and interact with so many amazing people.

Rach - I'll put in a good word!