Monday, December 03, 2007


After watching the documentary on the typeface Helvetica on Saturday with my cool designer friends I'm in a total typography mood...and I never say things like typography mood. The movie was just so informative and entertaining. It made me want to say Type. It made me miss communicating through design rather than the decorative drawing I've been doing lately, though I love that too.

Here's a sweet site found on veer with the top 9 moving type videos. Maybe they will help you appreciate what I'm talking about a little more.

This is a sample of what they have on there.


Mirko said...

Thanks for the link. Actually it's quite funny, I wrote this post just after watching the Helvetica movie too.

Tom (Kendra's Little Brother) said...

Hey, what kind of program would you use to make type like that. Flash immediately comes to mind, but what about the text that goes onto the 3-D shapes?

My name's Haley said...

I really don't know. Maybe after effects. I'll find out and let you know! YAY for my first Thomas comments!