Sunday, January 13, 2008

No more bags

China banned plastic bags saving an estimated 37 million barrels of crude oil every year. Uganda and Ireland have banned them also. I celebrated today by taking my reusable bags to target. I love it.

I also saw "What Would Jesus Buy" on friday with Joel which was made by the guy from supersize me, and listened to a great sermon on consumerism from the imago dei podcast. All of that has enforced my desire to tithe and find ways to use my money more wisely.

Starting with monthly loans to kiva.
This month it's Anna Zhuravleva from the Ukraine to purchase raw fish to marinate for re-sale.

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Anonymous said...

I ordered my reusable baggu bags yesterday!! Can't wait for them to get here!

I had no idea they were actually banning plastic in other countries – that's fantastic.

You're always full of great info : )