Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thinking out Loud

Todays Art and Politics
I've been thinking a lot about the value of art in our society and questioning whether or not it matters or changes anything. There is a lot of tension between the conservative view that art is spiraling into oblivion because of it's disregard for formal principles, and then the radical postmodern view that everything is objective and the value of the art is only what you take away from it.

This is the most expensive piece ever sold by a living artist. It's a platinum cast skull encrusted with $20 million dollars worth of diamonds embedded into it. It sold for a hundred million dollars, and is interestingly titled "For the Love of God". Made by Damien Hirst. It seems like it was more about multiplying money than anything else, and if that was his objective he most certainly succeeded.

Is its monetary value any reflection of it's importance as a piece of art?

I find that most of the artwork that appeals to my friends is generally free, is really unskilled drawing wise, but communicates a point that we can relate to. It feels more honest, less pretentious and makes you think or laugh.

This is a photo of the artwork of the infamous Banksy. His book was the top seller for Urban for a ridiculously long time, showing how well received he is by my peers.
It's graffiti at it's finest.

I think this unrefined style is also why Barack appeals to so many of us. He hasn't been corrupted by the formalities of the system, he's honest about his shortcomings, and he believes that he has something of substance to contribute.

I just thought that was an interesting correlation and insight into my generations thought process.

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