Thursday, November 06, 2008

New Posters

I found these old blue prints in my aunt's attic and thought that they were too amazing to be stuck up there. I ended up screen printing over them to make some sweet posters. You can buy them on my etsy store. Each one is original, and it turns out they were plans to my great uncles house.

Check out the store.


Sarah Erin said...

You are on design*sponge!?! How cool!! Congrats : )

And perfect timing with these new prints for sale.

Sarah Erin said...

PS Yes I'm a creepy stalker - it just popped up on my google reader haha.

Seth said...

This is awesome. You always have great ideas and produce great work. Bike ride unite....before Peru

My name's Haley said...

Thanks guys!
Sarah I'm so glad you saw me on design sponge.

Seth I'm totally down for a bike ride!

abbey said...

DUDE. if i wasn't completely broke, i would buy this in a second. i LOVE these!