Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Nina Katchadourian

I remember my Senior year of college sitting in a packed auditorium captivated by everything that came out of Nina Katchadourian's mouth. I love how smart and funny her art is. I like that it makes me look harder at what's around me. It's so playful!

Here's a project I hadn't seen, but found on her website. She says:
There is a type of lichen which is very common in the Finnish archipelago and my family's summer house sits on a large granite hill covered with it. I have always seen certain shapes as islands or continents, and decided to affix rub-on letters directly to the lichens to identify them as the places I recognized. When I had finished, the whole hill had become a kind of scrambled atlas. The Moss Maps series consists of about 20 photographs like those shown here.

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melissa said...

I liked the carpark. the talking popcorn was a good one in person