Thursday, May 25, 2006

Homeward Bound

I am officially moved out of my dorm, but my junk, however, is not. Apparently I've accumulated so much stuff that it wouldn't all fit in the Explorer on the way home. Luckily Joe and my roommate Steph are going to be kind enough to take the rest of it home with them (I don't know how they put up with me). The front room is packed with my stuff and this is one of those times when I cannot pretend that I'm a minimalist (sometimes I convince myself I am). It's pretty overwhelming. I must unpack, organize, and toss stuff before I can pack up again for leadership weekend this weekend, and then unpack and pack again for London. I'm a mess, but I've learned to embrace it...though it still drives my mom Crazy. Here's a link to my itinerary in London so you generally know what I'm up to.


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Debbie said...

Haley, I love your site! Printing out the London schedule in order to more accurately pray for you guys... can't wait to hear the stories and see how God uses this to strengthen you as one of those radical Christian types ;-) Love ya! (Debbie)