Friday, June 02, 2006

Life is crazy

So today...the day before we leave for London my crazy ad professor Ray (the guy who wears all black) retired from the program and will not be accompanying us to London. We'll still be going, but Bill my photo professor is taking charge. Pretty much hilarious.

So fired up to take off tomorrow with 31 of my favorite people that I have 3 years invested in. They are awesome! I'm living with 2 girls, one looks like a crazy little punk rocker and she works at a piercing and tattoo place (she's got crazy piercings) but she's really down to earth and listens to sweet music. The other is Nooey and she's super cool and pretty normal compared to most art students but she's not without her quirks. I'm a huge fan of both of them.

Also last night I hung out with my crew from home, Meghan and her bf Jacob and Abby's bf Luke, and Brandon and it kind of made me sad to leave. It's so great to chill on the beach and act totally goofy with them. I've also decided that I am completely blessed that my friends have such amazing boyfriends (Matty and Pete included). They are absolutely amazing people that I'm totally lucky to be around.

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michaelivan said...

Yo, Haley... just remembered something... I saw that they are making Into the Wild into a movie. Sweet!