Thursday, August 23, 2007

Light Bulbs

I had the best day yesterday. It was my day off and the only major thing that I did was change the broken light bulbs in our house. The porch light has been out for over a year and required a ladder and screws, the lights over the sink have been out for over two years, and the light in our fridge which was the kicker had been out for a week and a half. So I went down to lowes found my odd shaped bulbs after extensive searching and now our house is brilliantly illuminated. And then once I actually saw how gross the newly illuminated fridge was I cleaned that out too.

I also made this amazing shrimp pasta from things we already had around the house, but went to the grocery store literally at the end of my block that I hadn't been to since the beginning of college. It was weird to really feel home. I liked it.

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