Monday, October 08, 2007

First Day

So our internet only works sporadically so I'll keep it brief. I got the Urban orientation today, and saw their sweet gym where they offer yoga classes free of charge. You're also allowed to bring your dog to work and they even provide dog training lessons. I found out that my benefits package includes 30% off massages and acupuncture.

I was super surprised to see that urban bought one of my prints I designed for printfresh, so when I saw the spring line they have an apron, dish towel, and tapestry with a print I already designed on it. It was super bizarro, I'll let everyone know when it comes out in January.

I got to spend the rest of the day playing with a label maker, and flipping through European design magazines for inspiration. And chatting with my awesome coworkers. I'm so glad I only have two of them to really get to know.

I then came home to my amazing roommate who made me a fabulous dinner. Followed by painting furniture and listening to the most hilarious "this american life" that I've heard in a while.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.


Joel said...

that is absolutely bizarre/really cool that one of your prints ended up at your new job.


Anonymous said...

that's so awesome haley, congrats on your prints being used!

sounds like a great new job : )

Greg said...

great talking to you today....and happy 2nd day tomorrow!!!!

Katy said...

Hey, let's get together now that you are back in the area. My work schedule varies from week to week, but I'm working mostly days - 3-4 days a week. What's your schedule?

carolyn said...

i miss you! but your job sounds PERFECT for you! seriously. perfect. i love that you found your dream job

melissa laine said...

sooo jealous of your life! i can't wait until i get out of this crazy school, and i can come home from a fun job and eat dinner and paint furniture!! can't wait to hear what else you do!!

oh and can you send me a link to your textile prints again?