Monday, October 13, 2008

Banksy Pet Shop

I went to NYC on Friday and spent the day wandering and exploring the city by myself, which was super empowering to navigate everything and figure stuff out on my own. While there I checked out the Banksy Pet Shop exhibit that's going on in Soho. It was animatronic gloriousness with hot dogs in cages and chicken nuggets dining on sweet and sour sauce. So quirky and fun and a great commentary on how we look at food.

My favorite was the swimming fish sticks.

Photo from the Wooster Collective
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(look at the post from October 9th)


Jason Harmon said...

Whoa... I had no clue Banksy was doing this kind of stuff... Im a huge fan but he's been off my radar for too long now. The baby chic nuggets are awesome.

You've probably already seen Mark Jenkins' stuff but if not, you might dig it. No robotics, just a lot of tape and a great awareness of his surroundings.

carolyn said...

it looks like poop in water. i dont like it