Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My favorite English organic clothing company Howies was holding a conference called the Do lectures. If you wrote them a hand written letter about what you wanted to do there was a chance that you would get to attend the do lectures, so I wrote them a letter. I wrote about how people in the city are so disconnected and what I wanted to do was build community. I told them about the project I've been working on, taking pictures of strangers and sent them a polaroid of a woman who has lived in Fishtown for 87 years. I didn't make it to the do lectures, but a couple months after my submission I came home this weekend to a giant box in my living room. In that box was 100 t-shirts with a print of a little sketch I had drawn on the outside of their envelope. AMAZZZIIIINNNG!

I wonder what kind of community movement you can start with 100 t-shirts. Any suggestions?

Here's me and some shirts taken on Joel's iphone.
They say "a little love from philadelphia".


Maarten said...

Haley, That's awesome! You're the coolest. 100 sweet looking shirts...hmmm...what to do with them...well a good first step would be to mail your dear friend Maarten one of them. Large please :)

PS. I'm almost done building my 4-screen screen printing press. It should be sweet. FOIBLE LIVES ON!


Danielle said...

What?? That is so bizaare and amazing. I want one!!!!!

melissa laine said...

ooooh I NEED ONE! i miss my Philly!! Where can I get one? ;) Sorry I don't have any brighter ideas for what to do with them. xoxoxo

ginger said...

You are so cute!. This a.m. I'm stopping by to ask you for your new(ish) address because I have a little something to send you... however, now I want one of your t-shirts! They look like Christmas gifts to me. Instead of handing out hundred dollar bills to complete strangers, hand out your t-shirts! How cool to see people wearing them later on down the road!

Anonymous said...

That is very howies :-) Super sweet!

I attended the do lectures and they were better than even I thought they would be!

Congrats on the tshirts!



melissa said...

have a block party in the spring and give them out for everyone to wear, (invite me so I can have one too :)

use the tee shirts to promote some of your other ideas, like that magazine you wanted to do...
buy a for a booth at a cool festival and have people sign up, have them give you their email address or something to start building a community, give out the shirts to people who participate

have fun!