Thursday, March 05, 2009

Animated gifs

from here.
I'm obsessed with animated gifs lately.

I think it's because of this flip book photo booth that Lana and I experienced about a month ago. They're so pretty. It's like flip books for the web.

More here. via here


Casey said...

jason's friend casey here.
he forced me to read your blog.
promise i'm not checking up on you to make sure you're cool enough.
just thought i'd share a couple animated gifs i made, cause why not?
this one is me sitting at my desk, bored. hope the link works. super long link, go!

and i just have a real simple one on my web site splash page:

definitely not near as cool as these other ones, but whatever. don't judge me!

carolyn said...

Sasquatch is real! i know your post is about something way cooler like animated pictures or something way too cool for me to understand but all i can think about is this show on tlc about big foot being real..i watched it on my snow day this week. it was awesome

Jason Harmon said...

animated gifs are cool... cryptozoology is cool...

animated gifs containing cryptozoological creatures... now thats just astounding.

You should make a gif of the Jersey Devil.

My name's Haley said...

yay for more fun gifs. nice to hear from you casey.


and I have to go wiki cryptozoology