Monday, March 02, 2009

A Snow Poem for Haley

Sarah's one of my most favorite people ever. I sent a humble request this morning for a snow poem on this blustery day, and this is what I received. Maybe you can help me talk her into having a poetry blog.


Here: This is what the snow falling makes me feel like:

Lazy-laying watching – shhh – it is never so quiet as when, and this treat is for me, from me, just because I exist on a day like today.

Huggling-snuggling because I know that the flakes will melt on my lashes but you the special you, that you that I huggle-snuggle with*) melts me.

Victoriously bouncing-and-ploddingly declaring my footprint the first in this millions-city, and my flag a kite – the new world’s even too bright for the conspiracy-theorists to find fault in the shadows.

Stopping-flopping, flailing in and out, back and forth, skyward facing everything illuminated like the bits of crystal falling down and these ground flat earth wings can lift me giggling, heart-soaring.

Hot cocoa and hot soup and fire places and blankets and movies or books and everything is slower and relaxing except for driving, and please don’t slip when you’re walking because it hurts and it’s so uncomfortable to watch (and so hard not to laugh).

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