Friday, June 05, 2009


This past January I spent 2 weeks working at an orphanage in Peru. While there I met a cute little boy named Augusto. He is the happiest, and always ready for hugs. He also suffers from severe scoliosis. Everyone was super excited when they heard that a doctor was going to donate his services for the surgery, but it turns out that they still need money to pay for the rod and the medicine for Augusto. This is going to total over $8,000 and he needs your help.

I'm selling all of my Peruvian blankets on etsy to play a small part in funding his surgery. Please look and see if you could use one, and please send the link to your friends to spread the word about Augusto.

Here's the site:

You can also donate to the Augusto through the children's home website at:
Peru Hope

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