Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend in the City

Walking through Philadelphia is one of my most favorite things to do. I love exploring the ruins of industry, all of the abandoned warehouses and factories. I love all of the different kinds of people. I love making new friends.

Jason and I took the El into center city and did our grocery shopping at reading terminal market. After getting sausages and butter from the amish and the freshest fruits and veggies from the stands we walked to fairmount park to pick up Jason's car and drove home.

Here's some of what we saw on our walk.

Break dancing teenagers of all ages and races having way too much fun spinning on their heads:

City Hall

Skateboarders in Love Park

And tourists taking photos of themselves in front of the LOVE statue.

I can't tell you how in love with this city I am. I love all of it. The dirty, the smelly, the leftovers of what was. I love the trees, the cobblestone, the people. I love it all.


Jason Harmon said...

its so great here! who couldn't love this city??

lana bear said...

i agree. im so glad you moved here, and we became roomiebestfriendlovies. you're my favorite, and i love you!

lcb said...

Hi Haley! This is somewhat random perhaps, but I recently came across your red/white seahorse raincoat hanging in a friend's apartment. I am in love with the design. It is no longer available through Anthropologie. Do you have any idea how I might be able to buy one? Thank you! -Lucy

andrea said...

I LOVE Philly too. For some reason I've been addicted to the Reading Terminal lately. I went grocery shopping there on Friday and it was so lovely. Love the sights and sounds, and of course all the different foods.