Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vancouver Taxidermy

I am super excited about my upcoming pacific northwest trip. Especially the Museum of Vancouver's taxidermy exhibit.

Here's what their site says about the exhibit,

"Displaying the Museum of Vancouver’s extensive collection of taxidermy for the first time in decades, Ravishing Beasts investigates the provocative and strangely alluring world of taxidermy.

Whether a hoarding of exotic curiosities, a scientific archive, a hunting trophy, or a stuffed pet, taxidermy always exposes longings to capture animals and tell stories about their significance within human lives.

The exhibition confronts viewers with the visual power of taxidermy. It invites us to examine taxidermy’s cultural aesthetic, scientific history, and revival in art and design, and to question the legacy, current value, and future relevance of the practice."


Here's a great article about the exhibit.

If you can't make it to Vancouver check out Evolution in NYC instead.

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