Sunday, October 04, 2009

Wedding Time Lapse

One of Jason's friends Allen Hamton flew up from Tampa to make a beautiful mural for our block party wedding. He did it on our neighbors house all with spray paint. Here's a time lapse of the 10 hour process.

Mural Timelapse from Jason Harmon on Vimeo.

Mural design and video by my studly husband Jason Harmon.


theflashdance said...

whoa. you guys make me really happy. hope you had a , wait... WTF? block party wedding?!?!? i would like to hear about that. what is the deal you guys? first the save the date, now this, and a block party wedding. wow i really wish i was there for that. or, has it happened yet? i am really bad at reading the important posts, i love time lapse videos with speed metal soundtracks and i realize that you can't extract all the details from those.

My name's Haley said...

Glad you liked the video. We'll post block party wedding photos soon.

SO happy to share our happiness!