Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm having trouble documenting lately, having trouble taking photos and coming up with things to write about which is strange because I'm enjoying life so much right now. Really enjoying being present and engaged with what's going on around me. Enjoying connecting with people and working really hard.

I'm feeling content.

This weekend I made
these earl grey butter cookies
and this focaccia bread with parmesean and onions

probably because I'm having lana withdraw.

Cooking has been a nice outlet. It's a great creative process with relatively little time commitment and instant satisfaction.

I'm loving weekends at home.


lana bear said...

YEA write more! you're freaking married, write about married life, and your cute house and your neighbors, and all the fun or not fun things the harmons are doing. take pictures of the cooking you do! i want to hear about it!

I miss you :(

linda said...

Hope you liked the cookies :)