Friday, December 29, 2006

Find your power song

I have an interview for an internship tomorrow in Philly with a textile designer. I have no hopes or expectations, but I am totally nervous about showing her my work. It's such a vulnerable position to be put in, to show someone the product of nearly 4 years of your life, and things you really think are cool and care about...and then for the possibility of someone to reject that is somewhat gut wrenching.

But not to fear because I found the solution while waiting for my tires to be changed at walmart for three hours today (shoot me in the face). I picked up a "real simple" magazine and read this sweet article by one of their life coaches. It said that in situations such as these you must have a power song. The woman who wrote the article preferred one by Barbara Steissand and sung it aloud while marching to a publishing interview. She insists that it builds the confidence needed to make an impression.

I searched long and hard and I'm pretty sure mine's that freaking De'sree song "You Gotta Be".

Wish me luck navigating Philly, finding Schwartz and Craig, and that I don't break my neck snow boarding with the rest of the cool kids.

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