Monday, December 11, 2006

opposites attract

Carolyn, Donna and I were talking about how ridiculously different we are to be such good friends. We made our own little profiles which I promised to post online. You can tell our exam week has been ridiculously slow, so here's to procrastination.

Most requested movie: Harry Potter
Future career: guidance counsler
Is: clean
"Type":short redheads
Wants:4 kids
Music: anything but country
Food: she's the Baker....icecream
Sport: cheerleader
Escape: procrastinating, gift giving
Accessory: ribbons
What catches her attention in guys: humor, dancing
Dream store: J-Crew
Happy place: snowboarding, watching the stars
Board game: guess who
Her husband: wears cologne and a suit everyday
Wants: Someone who likes her, makes her laugh and listens
Scent: mom- clinique happy, soft- vanilla, date- pink
Wants to Live: Colorado
House: modest but homey
Show: Oprah
Downfall show: 20/20
Dream car: BMW Z3

Most requested movie: Pride & Prejudice
Future career: History and English teacher
Is: excessively clean/OCD
"Type": hairy testosterone-y "lumber jacks"
Wants:2 maybe 3
Music: classic rock & dirty rap
Food: frozen vegetables and anything involving buffalo sauce and bleu cheese
Sport: basketball & softball
Escape: scrapbooking
Accessory: stilettos
What catches her attention in guys: facial hair and great hands
Dream store: Banana Republic, Neiman Marcus
Happy place: beach and historical spots
Board game: settlers & Risk
Her husband: teaches and travels with me during the summer
Wants: considerate realist
Scent: Miracle by Lancome
Wants to Live: DE or NJ
House: big old restored historical house
Show: Grey's
Downfall show: Flavor of Love
Dream car: anything Jeep

Most requested movie: Fight Club
Future career: Artist-designer
Is: contained mess
"Type": dirty artsy boys
Wants: a ton of foster kids
Music: indie folk, socially concious rap
Food: cheese and eggs
Sport: swimming, lax, alt sports longboarding-surfing
Escape: sleep and biking
Accessory: wierd jewelry, old t-shirts
What catches her attention in guys: emo glasses
Dream store: Anthropologie and Marc Jacobs
Happy place: coffee shops, outside, local desserted places (jetty)
Board game: scrabble
Her husband: architect
Wants: grounded idealist
Scent: not vanilla
Wants to Live: beach or mountains
House: big farm house
Show: Oprah
Downfall show: Flavor of Love
Dream car: old and cool- oldschool woody wagon, comet

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