Friday, June 15, 2007


Abby and I went on an adventure tonight and we found this farm that has llamas and emus and crazy donkeys. It was great and we took some fun pictures, and it was all in the middle of nowhere in Milton. We then ventured further down the road and took some great photos by this little canal when the back of my holga camera dropped into the canal and floated downstream. It was sooooo sad. I almost jumped in to get it, but it didn't look like there would have been anyway to get out, so I opted to just watch it float downstream.
Also broken:
-my computer (AGAIN?!?) it was fixed this week and I took it the hour and a half home from the mac store only to use it for 15 minutes at home and have it break again.
-4runner turns off at stoplights
-cellphone will not charge
-digital camera I turned it on yesterday and the screen won't work
-and I have not gotten a call back from my internship...sad day
I typically take really good care of my stuff too. Everything just decided to break all at once.

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