Thursday, June 07, 2007


beautiful. I road my bike to the bay and went kayaking with cousin mary and aunt Cathy. I also bought "The Dangerous Book for Boys" for my friends having a baby boy. It's filled with things boys must know like building tree houses, all about dinosaurs, and tying knots.


Behind Lacrosse said...

whats the good word, girl? anthro? starbs? any berets in your future? purple or otherwise.

so sorry to miss your senior show...was very disappointed and frustrated by that day.

hope you are livin it up in lewes...could be the last time you chill at the beach b4 your big world tour!!


Katy said...

I missed hearing from you on Wednesday. How did your interview go? I want to keep in touch.

I'm really bummed to have missed your senior show. I had planned to go and completely forgot until I got clear up to the condo in NJ. I was really upset with myself.

I miss you. Katy

Briian said...

I heard an interview with the authors of that book the other day on NPR.

Rock on Haley.

Joel said...

that looks way cool!