Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Craigslist and Paper Hats

I've been craigslist obsessed lately. You can find ANYTHING. I found this ad particulary interesting:

I am a talented paper hat maker who is currently taking orders for the spring season. It may be the case that a lot of art related businesses are failing due to the lack of support and the economy in general BUT THE PAPER HAT BUSINESS IS THRIVING! My hats are original because I hand design them all. I make triangle, oval, SPORTS!, cowboy, and pet hats to name a few. All my hats are in between doll sized and human sized, they fit comfortably in a large hand. Cats love wearing hats! My prices are based on material alone (I love making hats)

5-7 sheets computer paper (the kind in your printer at home) = $4
Scotch Tape = $7
10 hrs hat making = $25
Normal total = $40 per hat (Triangle hats with out wooden box or velcro)

I cant wait to start making your hats! contact me today!


I have to admit I'm curious.


Jenna Avellino said...

um, i don't think my cats would love wearing allan's hats. why would you pay $40 for a paper hat!??

My name's Haley said...

haha. I just love the silly idea of it. I wonder if anyone's ordered one. I e-mailed him to ask for photos.