Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Shirt

I was having an I'm over gloomy winter moment, and one of my new favorite people had just recently told me that when her mom was stuck inside on a rainy or gloomy day that she would make a sun dress to brighten her mood. I figured that it sounded worth a shot so I made a bright fun shirt using some fabric I found a while back at the thrift store and some sewing tools that Jason's amazing mom got me for Christmas and the Built By Wendy pattern I got a while back.

Here it is.

I love it. It makes me feel like I'm channeling MIA.


Laura said...


lana bear said...

hey girl..who's yer new favorite person?? :) you make me proud with the MIA. <3

My name's Haley said...

Ivy Hinkle ! She is rad. I was going to dedicate this shirt to you but I wanted to make sure you liked it first.

Jenna Avellino said...

LOVE! Ivy is one of my favorite people, too.