Sunday, July 30, 2006

A first

Today began with taking the Dailey's family portrait on the beach...they're all kind of squinting so I want to do it over on a Lifeguard stand. Then Abby, Megan, Deniene and I celebrated Nener's 33 birthday with Johnny Appleseed sandwiches at Java Beach. They're amazing with turkey, brie, green apples, and pesto on whole wheat. I could basically live on them.

Then it was pool time where I made the boys do a photo shoot for me. Here's Brandon and Luke doing there thing.

It was pretty funny with me floating on a raft with my camera under the diving board...but I like the way they turned out.
Then we headed to the pond and went wakeboarding and tubing, where I stood up wakeboarding for the very first time with my ridiculously patient friends. We also had tube wrestling gloriousness.

Followed by Ethos, our night church, where none other than Matt King showed up. We talked about a sweet passage in Acts 10. Go check it out. And ending the night with Ritas.
I'm exhauuuusted, but I love days off!

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