Thursday, July 06, 2006

time to start packing

More fun stuff

4th of July was super fun with a BBQ in hyde park, some quality soccer and tree climbing festivities.

Feeding the birds at St. Paul's cathedral a la Mary Poppins singing "feed the birds tuppence a bag"

Walking across Abbey Road and snapping photos with the other tourists.

Going to see some woman designer who does everything, and decided to make a gallery in her kitchen and now it's world renowned called "her house". She also designs museum exhibits, plates, packaging etc and has an awesome space that used to be a bar in Brixton.

Going for tea at the Muffin Man (sadly not on Drury Lane).

And spending about 6 hours in this crazy department store called sufferages eating tofu at this place called yo sushi where all the food is on a conveyorbelt while you sit at a bar like area and pick up the dishes you wish to eat.

1 more full day here...I'm kind of ready to go home and make my own fun stuff, and to stop spending money.

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