Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Centre Court

So you probably saw me on TV yesterday since I know you're all such avid tennis watchers. 11 of us queed up for Wimbledon on Sunday and camped out on the sidewalk for 24 hours under tarps to get the sickest seats for Wimbledon ever. We met some fun British people, played lots of Uno, some football with some old drunk men who taught us the British national anthem, ate gross pizza, were filmed by Fox News singing our national anthem...and then were in the 3rd row in the corner of the court watching Federer, Murray, and Baghdatis play some ridiculous tennis. Murray is Scottish, 19, and beat Andre Agassi. It was cool watching him play and then watching Federer because Murray has a foul mouth and was a total punk, while Federer knows that he's amazing and has nothing to prove and was a great sport. We ate some strawberries and cream, and called it an awesome day.

Saturday we went to Brighton beach which is an hour train ride from the city and it was awesome to swim in the ocean. I flipping miss the beach. They have pebbles instead of sand which was interesting, but other than that it was just like home.

Drinking tea in the park has been another highlight of my trip. Greg, Adam and I went on a journey through hyde park and saw the Peter pan statue and Princess Di Memorial, fed swans a "prawn and rocket sandwich" with some little kid and had tea and scones by the water. It was adorable especially considering the guys that I was with are not tea and scones kind of guys...absolutely classic.

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michaelivan said...

So flipping jealous! Center court, 3rd row! UNBELIEVABLE! YOU ROCK, Haley. I'm heading to Denver on Thursday-YEAH!