Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Fun

Today started off with a rousing game of tennis with Deniene. Balls flying everywhere and us running around like maniacs. It was glorious. Hopefully playing with her will improve my game. We've decided sports like that are good for your careers since you can make quality business contacts. Maybe next time I'll rock a tennis skirt and polo...maybe not.

Abizaks has been sweet, too bad my coworker heather's leaving me for the weekend.
We just unpacked a boatload of cutting boards, so if you're in dyer need of a bamboo tuna cutting board we've got you covered.

I got a myspace message from my friend Virginia telling (not asking) me that I'm taking pictures for her at the state fair tomorrow since she works for our local newspaper the Cape Gazette. That's fine with me since we get to ride everything for freeeeee and hang out with some elephants and the smallest woman in the world. Tomorrow should definitely be interesting.

My mom also had this brilliant idea to marinate chicken cutlets in hot wing sauce so they taste like hot wings but without the mess and fatty fried deliciousness. She is brilliant.


HeatherGoo said...

sounds like life is freaking amazing at this point. haha. dont worry, i will be back to work soon!

michaelivan said...

SUCK--someone else is leaving you comments. I'm no longer special. Sad. Ha. Glad to hear you are getting published as a photographer in the Gazette--that's hot!

I'm toying with a visit to the beach--next week or weekend--i'll keep ya posted.