Saturday, July 07, 2007

A couple things

First do yourself a favor and read Abbey's traumatizing first day stories. I read the first one while in a computer lab and looked insane while laughing hysterically at my computer screen.

Also Tim Gunn a la Project Runway was in town today doing a book signing. His mom lives in Rehoboth. Super funny since I am a project runway addict of sorts.

He of course signed it "Make it work!".

This inspired the renovation of my closet since Dewey Ave is doing a yardsale next weekend. I'm constantly astounded at how my crap I own. So I'm trying a ruthless editing approach. I hope I have clothes left to wear by the end of the week.

I rediscovered Pandora this week since I lost a lot of music when my computer crashed. It's an online radio station that you enter your favorite band in and then it plays other artists that resemble the artist you entered. I really like this band. Don't let their name scare you, their music is pretty.

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Anonymous said...

I just rediscovered Pandora, too! It's lovely! So far I think the best discovery is that it's really great for ethnic food nights. For example, cooking spaghetti? Type in your favorite Italian Opera singer (because we all have one... ha), and voila. Moody music. Bliss.