Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tea Sets

Carolyn and I watched The Queen this week. It really made me want to make scones and have a tea party. I mean REALLY. It made me think of a day last Summer in London where Adam, Greg and I went for a walk in Hyde Park and had high tea next to some pond with a little english kid feeding swans a prawn and rocket sandwich. So I've been looking for tea sets online and can't find any that I really like. The closest I've come is this website called Steptoes Antiques. I really want something old and special, but they're based in London so shipping would probably be grossly expensive. I think I'm going to go to the local thrift stores this week to see if I can find anything, and if I do you are cordially invited to my backyard for tea and homemade scones.
These are my favorite tea sets I've found so far:

Antique Victorian Blue & White China 12 Piece Tea Set

Antique 1920s Art Deco Crocuses Tea For Two Set

My favorite the simple, but still fun. Antique Edwardian White China Shelley Tea Service.


Melissa said...

I think we know some kids in London right now who might be able to help you out with shipping... or there is this beautiful south african blonde who is going to be in jolly londontown sometime this summer

Carolyn said...

so i loved every second of this blog. Not only because they were entertaining, but because i already knew what was going to be the next blog because we live next to each other and talk about this stuff on a daily basis. But I did enjoy the pictures. especially the one of phil.