Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I like Victoria Beckham's new hair for me, but that would include lots of hair straightening.



Anonymous said...

That would be so unnatural! I agree that I like her haircut, but with your bubbly, outgoing personality - that cut would make you look awfully intimidating!

Haley, intimidating?

Something's wrong with that picture.

Anonymous said...

And sorry for creepily commenting so soon after you posted. I just do my awesome blog-checking in the am.

...and if I'm really cool, and bored, I do it another time during the day.

Carolyn said...

i think this should be your next post: http://www.bushfish.org/

My name's Haley said...

that site kind of makes me want to vomit.

Joel said...

ew carolyn... i checked out that website... sick sick sick.

Danielle said...

eeeeeew haley I hate that haircut!!!!! don't doooo itttt. it looks so...posh ew. scary scary. keep your curls!!!