Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Deal or no Deal

In a severe state of exhaustion from being constantly on the go and trying to pack stuff in. I already tried writing this post, but the stupid computer deleted it, so I'm going to try again. The first one was really witty and clever and a literary masterpiece though...I'm really sorry you had to miss out.

I've been trying to think of some projects to get all of this creativity out when I get home. I really would like to do a graphic simple version of the gospel where it's just honest, entertaining, and would help people get it. Being here has enforced my idea that people claim to have an understanding of faith and christianity but don't understand the relevance of Christ. I also am fairly obsessed with metaphors that help you understand biblical concepts a la CS Lewis and GK Chesterton. I really would like to do a letterpress project just for myself with that. Another project is a shirt with velcro where I can attach felt character that look like ugly dolls to the outside and clooooothes since I can't afford any here. Though I did go to the French Connection warehouse in the ghetto of East London and got a rockin dress for 10 pounds and proceeded to wash and shrink in our sketchy washers we have. In the immortal words of Carolyn "SAD DAY".

If anyone wants to buy me a present my friends and I visited the coolest book store of life today Magma . I think my amazon wishlist is going to be 80 million books long by the end of this trip.

I wanted to post some more funny things that have happened that I forgot to post:

In prague there was a rugby team staying in our hotel who dressed up as french maids and went around with feather dusters quoting "deal or no deal" all night and seranading my friend Mandi with Barry Mannnilow's classic song "Mandy".

My friends who went to Italy over the break quasi hitchhiked to Rome with a man who had no hands and drove them into the city. His name is "Tony no hands" and he owns a bar here in London.

My favorite part of our Baseline (awesome type magazine) visit was playing hide and go seek with the owners daughter who is 4. She told me to "go hide in the other room under the table and she'd come find me". I really relate to 4 year olds, they rock. The designers weren't that entertained though.

Steph said she's moving into my Utopian city, so I'm pretty excited. And I can't stop eating these chocolate covered digestive cookies. They sound gross but they're AMAZING. We're making smores with them for July 4th.

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