Sunday, June 11, 2006

all souls

This week's been pretty interesting with constant motion and getting acclimated, but today I had the best day yet with some serious confirmation that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be. Greg and I went to all souls today for church after Curry's recommendation. It was great. It's in Oxford Circus and in this really sweet building. It was pretty traditional with the hymns and whatnot, and the guest pastor was awesome. He spoke on being a Christian in the work place (or in my case at school) and how important it is to pray for our coworkers and love them. He also slipped in that he had worked for an ad agency in New York for a few years at which point Greg and I turned and stared at each other (since we're on a ad and graphic design trip). We asked him afterwards where he worked and he replied Ogilvy at which point our jaws dropped because that is "the" advertising firm, and then we discussed the fonts in his presentation and the spiritual life of London. It was awesome.

Then we explored Herod's; London's premiere mall where all we could afford was a starbucks coffee. Everything was so overwhelming, everything from the most expensive designer bags and contemporary furniture to a floor of gourmet food from all over the world. AMAZING. Then we went to the Natural history museum on a search for Archie the giant squid which we couldn't find.

Then we went to this Thai restaurant/British pub and had some green curry and fried bananas when the American couple next to us asked where we were from. We replied Delaware and immediately the couple at another table spun around and asked, "DID YOU SAY DELAWARE?!?!" and we said yes, and they replied that they were from Laurel. This world is way too small.

Later we went back to a place called "Bar haha" which is strikingly similar to Brew Haha where I hang at home for another all soul's function which used proverbs to relate to how we act in the workplace. It's the only church function I've ever been to where they serve free beer and orange juice. Super interesting. I talked to a young woman architect from Greece who was so flipping awesome. Today has been such a good day especially after feeling like kind of an outsider for the past week. Sometimes I find it really hard to relate to some people who are so different from me and hold such diferent values. It can be such a struggle, but today was awesome to have the undeniable sense that I am not alone.

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