Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Back to the flat

Last night we did a farewell Prague boat tour and dinner on some river I can't pronounce and it was fantastic. Being there is like being on the set of some surreal movie where everything is beautiful. My favorite part of the evening was ballroom dancing and my friend Sarah asking some old man to dance. Sam who is the self proclaimed and undisputed "asshole" of the class for whatever reason thinks I'm cool and we tore it up with our mad dancing skills (aka we are the worst dancers of life) and it was absolutely hilarious. I went to a phenomenal photo exhibit, and went to lots of museums. My favorite store is one called Qubus which is this little design store filled with crazy modern design pieces from young Czech designers.

We went to this Jewish cemetery which is the only plot of land that Jewish people were allowed to be buried in for a long time, and the people are buried 12 layers deep and everyone has a headstone, so you just see this sea of jammed headstones with crazy beautiful Hebrew written on it. It's totally bizarre because it's a huge tourist destination, so people are snapping away pictures and tour guides are leading people through a burial ground.

After this past week I say forget London I'm moving to Prague.

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