Saturday, June 24, 2006

We Will Rock You

Today I saw my first West End production (equivalent to Broadway). We saw We Will Rock You, a musical based on the music of Queen. It was a crazy production of fantastic lights and awesome set design. It was an odd blend of science fiction, Bohemian ideals, and amazing voices. Here's the poster:

I think we're going to see Mary Poppins on Wednesday.

Last week we saw stone carvers, and did a sweet letterpress workshop where we used the printing presses to make some posters. We also went to the Barbican which is built around utopian ideals for a community and is now the center of the arts in London. We saw a crazy exhibit on modern utopian architecture and city planning, and then I went to see a movie about Lagos the Nigerian City who's population is exploding out of control. It's kind of hard to take everything in and my mind's on information overload, but after my urban communities class all of this urban planning stuff is absolutely fascinating. I wonder if I can build a city with a graphic design degree, maybe I'll team up with my architect friend Brandon and build our own metropolis. If you actually read this thing then you're totally invited to move in.

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