Friday, June 16, 2006

Welcome to Prague

Nine friends and I arrived safely in Prague yesterday, and it is a GORGEOUS city. Kind of circus like and a whole new world. I get kind of embarrassed every time someone says something and smiles at me and all I can do is blush and say "I speak English". So weird.

We went exploring today and visited the Prague castle which sits on a hill overlooking the red terracota roofs of the city. The old gothic architecture is amazing. They're also famous for their puppet making, so my friend matt got one which we named Kafka since this is his hometown. We're watching lots of world cup and enjoying Prague's infamous hot dogs and Pilsner.

It's pretty liberating to just book your own flight and hotel (and get a sweet deal) and head off to a foreign country with your friends. Though highly entertaining trying to get around when no one has a clue what you're saying. I'm a big fan of these adventures and the Czech Republic.

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