Tuesday, June 13, 2006


We saw an exhibit at the V&A yesterday on Modernism, and it really struck me how almost spiritual it is. They believed that society would change not with revolution, but with the change of your environment. That things should be clean, healthy, light, and full of fresh air. Everything should be stripped on non essential elements and that everything should be designed for functionality.

I definitely don't think that all of the worlds problems can be solved by redesigning simpler lives, but I do really think they were on to something. On leadership weekend one of the older leaders TK was talking about how we clutter our lives and how distracting it is. I love a lot of their aesthetics of big windows and clean lines, how everything has it's place. I love how experimental, controversial, and inventive they were. I love that they were naive enough to think they could change the world.

modernism at the V&A

We also poked around Alan Fletcher's studio. He's 76 and still designing and started the company Pentagram which I mentioned in a different blog. He was the craziest packrat, but everything was ridiculously organized. A nice contrast to the other exhibit. He's totally a grandfather and really witty and insists that he's never worked that he only plays. His artwork is ridiculously simply smart and playful. So awesome.

I've had the most amazing time bonding with my flatmates and a couple other kids. We just stayed in and hung out last night laughing hysterically over the most random stuff ever.

Today we listened to this guy who writes books about designers and learned about why we need to know design history and putting it in a cultural context. Seeing how things have changed. We also had a talk from Peter Saville who's really super famous here for New Order and Joy Division album covers, and he told us about how graphic design these days scares him. How you do have a lot of power, and how a lot of people do really crappy work. It just makes you want to soak it all in and do your own thing. So much to take in, and I'm totally drained writing this. There's sooo much more, but just ask if you care.

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michaelivan said...

love leaving comments! good to read what you are up to and how God is teaching you...and more importantly how you are learning from Him. Sweet stuff!

So, i booked my flights--England and Holland--2nd half of August--a week in each. Nice. Sorry it couldn't be while you were there--you'll have to tell me everything i need to see in London! yeeha!