Monday, June 05, 2006

coloring is an art

Today we went to the British Museum to see some artwork. I got really excited when the children's brochure stated that they loan crayons to entertain your kids. I got a funny look from the woman when I asked for coloring supplies, so I added "for the kids" and we were off. Luke, Matt, Lauren, Nikki and I sat drawing one of the "Heech" statues. We attracted the attention of a number of visitors including the curator of the exhibit who told us that heech=nothing in Persian.

We also talked briefly to David Bailey after spotting him in his flat. We've also just been figuring out how to get around on the tubes and buses and where to find everything. It's basically like New York with British accents minus a couple things like:
Dryers don't actually dry your clothes
it doesn't get hot
still have to think too much before crossing the street
hot dogs are not hot dogs and you will waste $4 buying one
everything is twice as expensive

We're living in the Arab part of town so that's wierd too because there isn't a lot of english being spoken. Also English people are really nice and witty.


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